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South American Magic mushrooms are a very fantastic mushroom strain for adventures! It has very euphoric and uplifting breathy highs and mild visuals. It is an all around great performer! Take these at the bottom of a hike for an especially good view at the top!

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    South American magic mushrooms are an excellent strain for experiencing a whole new level of psychedelic trips. With uplifting highs and mild visuals, you can take these shrooms when you want to have an eventful physically eventful experience, like a hike with friends.


    South American Cubensis is a potent strain of magic mushroom known as “laid-back cubensis.” Like most psychedelic mushrooms, this strain combines a strong visual effect with a pleasant, deep-body buzz experience.

    Dried South American mushroom strains are popular among psilocybin users of all levels because of their well-balanced effects and ability to enhance purposeful connection with the outside world. Additionally, South American mushrooms have been linked to native shamans. Shamans would use the profound spiritual effects of shrooms for ceremonial and medicinal use.

    Today, it is said that psilocybin in this strain can relieve symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety and depression and other illnesses or behavioural problems like cluster headaches and substance abuse.


    These cubensis strains are pretty potent for their size. Users will experience acute visual stimulation and a profound body buzz at greater dosages. Wavy patterns and a faint body buzz may develop in lower doses.

    This is an excellent strain to consume if you seek inner calm and harmony. You can anticipate experiencing the formation of artistic patterns in your thoughts.


    The South American Cubensis (or South American Magic Mushroom) is regarded as one of the most well-balanced strains available. According to legend, this shroom is from Venezuela, but one may wonder why it isn’t dubbed “Venezuelan cubensis,” given that it was allegedly first gathered in Venezuela by the now-defunct Spore Chicks. One explanation might be that the South American cubensis captures the distinct warmth and enchantment of the Latin region precisely and completely.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes hallucinogenic and euphoric effects in mushrooms?

    When you consume psilocybin, it is converted in your body into the active ingredient psilocin, which is chemically identical to serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) that is thought to be involved in producing happy feelings. Psilocin binds to the same receptors as serotonin, increasing the sense of euphoria.

    Psilocin also interacts with other serotonin receptors to enhance mood and autonomic functions, including heart rate and pupil dilation. Most psychotropic effects are attributed explicitly to this 5-HT2A receptor, which includes modifications to sensory perception (visual and auditory), mental stimulation, mood, memory, and other things.

    How can I tell whether microdosing is working?

    Microdose is meant to be non-psychoactive. It’s hard to measure its effects without being acutely aware. Self-reflection is required to understand your growth. A “Check Yourself” checklist can be used to track the outcomes.

    You will likely not be affected in every way, but it is critical to examine the consequences thoroughly. Consider your mental condition; pay attention to the thoughts that run through your mind. Are they the same as before, or are they new? Or have your emotions changed since the first time you felt them?

    What effects do shrooms have on your mind?

    The brain temporarily reorganizes some of its connections, quickly creating new biologically stable ones. This intensifies cognition and makes distinguishing between reality and fiction harder.

    Some people start to identify the number two with the colour green. Dream-related brain areas are stimulated, increasing the frequency of hallucinations and visions. Certain emotional regions of the brain are aroused, giving the impression of consciousness expanding. Thinking outside the box becomes much more common and easy as a result of this.


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