About Us

Lumpys Farms is an online dispensary, known for the sales of high quality marijuana and many other cannabis products. We pride ourselves in being one of the pioneers in worldwide discreet shipping of cannabis and cannabis derived products.

Freshest Buds

Quality and loudness is never in doubt with us. We always ensure only the very best indoor weed strains are placed on our shelves for sale.

Worldwide Shipping

As it stands, we are one of the very few medical marijuana online dispensaries capable of shipping our cannabis products all over the world. With us, stealth and discretion is never in question.

Same Day Service

For our walk in customers, you can place your order on our site and pickup your order from our shop within an hour.

Our brand is the TRUE craft cannabis legacy brand in NorCal.

Our award-winning strains, which are sourced from the Northern Californian Napa regions, have among of the highest terpene and potency test findings. We are the ones who invented the renowned Reckless Rainbow and Apple Fritter.

Lumpy is a grower-led company that prioritizes quality cultivation. We have been hard at work introducing new varieties to the market. Our mission is to continue refining our own strains to achieve superior potency and flavor.

Even though our Apple Fritter strain became quite popular, we at Lumpy’s Farms are always developing new cultivars and have created additional potent strains including Candy Apple Haze, Cherry Jane, and Truffle Runtz.