King Kong Mushrooms


The King Kong shrooms are known to be fast growers and characterized by having fast flushes of growth. Its effects are known to be average to above average in potency. There are reports that the experience is very spiritual and not much of a body high. This may be good for those looking to spend time outdoors.

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    King Kong Mushrooms

    King Kong mushrooms are well-known for their rapid development and growth spurts. They are known to possess ordinary to above-average potency. According to reports, the experience is primarily spiritual and not particularly psychoactive. This is a more beneficial strain for those who wish to spend their trip in the outdoors.

    About King Kong Mushrooms


    King Kong magic mushrooms‘ stems are thick and big, mostly white, with hints of blue here and there. The caps are thick and usually rich, medium brown, though some differences exist. Most say King Kong smells and tastes better than other psilocybin mushrooms. Both the taste and smell are slightly earthy with natural woody undertones.

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    • 7g
    • 14g
    • 28g


    This magic mushroom got its name because it’s so big, but it’s not very strong, so even first-timers can try this strain. Like other strains, the King Kong mushroom is an excellent choice for microdosing and having a psychedelic experience.

    You can use these mushrooms to improve focus, concentration, mood, and creativity in doses lower than recreational. All of these benefits can be experienced without hallucinations and changes in perception. But, if you are looking for euphoric and life-changing psychedelic highs, increasing the dose to more than 0.5 grams will give you a taste of magic mushrooms.

    Aside from the mind-blowing trips, shrooms are known to help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, assist in treating alcoholism or cigarette smoking addiction, and more. The stigma regarding mushrooms is slowly being changed, thanks to the helpful studies scientists have conducted. Hence, it gives consumers and patients a new way to treat their mental illnesses resistant to conventional therapy.


    King Kong Mushrooms is thought to be first used for a meditative, spiritual experience. The potency of King Kong is more on the ordinary side, though it can go a little higher when you indulge in doses that are more than the recreational amount.

    King Kong Mushrooms offers the most enlightening spiritual experience when viewed in a natural setting—the high starts with a pleasant mood lift. Colours and objects start to swirl and distort, and hallucinations and changes in perception gradually begin to occur. You might observe that as the high peaks, your thoughts grow deeper, and you form a profound, contemplative connection with the world around you.

    It is vital to know that you can experience different trips from King Kong when taken at various dosages. For a subtle energy and creativity increase with no visuals, you can take 0.2 to 0.5 grams. The classic psychedelic highs can be achieved with around 2 to 3 grams of mushrooms. Meanwhile, an intense hallucinatory experience or spiritual bliss can be managed at 3 to 4 grams or beyond.


    The King Kong strain of Psilocybe cubensis is known for its size and density. Some have speculated that its massive proportions are the inspiration for the name.

    The history of the King Kong mushrooms is still being determined. Still, it is widely held that it was initially cultivated to induce a spiritual, meditative state. The power of King Kong is usually around average, though it can occasionally go up. In the world of psilocybin mushrooms, King Kong is one of the rare breeds that can hold its own against the giants.

    Users generally regard King Kong Mushrooms as having a more pleasant aroma and flavour than most other psilocybin mushrooms. The taste and the smell include elements of a natural woodiness and are typically quite earthy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the effect of King Kong Mushroom last?

    King Kong is a moderately strong mushroom with a relatively long-lasting high, typically lasting between four and six hours. Seeing King Kong in the great outdoors is, according to many, the most enlightening spiritual experience possible. There is initially a nice uptick in mood as the high kicks in. Gradually, hallucinations and altered perception set in, causing colours and shapes to bleed into one another and distort. As you near the summit, you can find that you have deeper ideas and a more profound, contemplative connection to the environment around you.

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    Can I buy King Kong mushrooms in bulk?

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    3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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