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Gelato is one of the best hybrid strains available out there. It is excellent at allowing you to be productive, without worrying about being productive. This will enable you to meet deadlines without checking the clock every other minute. You can be efficient at work without being a worry wort.

1 Oz (28g)
1 Oz (28g)
4 Oz
4 Oz
8 Oz (1/2 Pound)
8 Oz (1/2 Pound)
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    Gelato 33 has a THC content at 20-25%. This translates to a strain that not only lasts a while. Also, it requires very little flower to be consumed, before the effects are felt. Newbies should proceed with caution, when trying Gelato 33 for the first time.

    The high elevates the mood, and manages to remain relatively bright-headed.  It promotes creativity, behind a bit of a cloudy curtain. However, you will experience a pleasant body sensation from the high, but you will not be glued to the couch.

    You may want to sit down after a while, because this strain is sure to cause a bit of confusion. The confusion is felt mentally, and also plays with your senses. The name Gelato is borrowed from the ice cream dessert, which is popular in Europe, and has a sweet taste.

    From the blend of the parent strains; Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Scout Cookies, a great flavor experience is produced. The flavor is just like the aroma. It is sweet like the Italian gelato, but with a distinctive citrus flavor. Also, it possesses an earthy taste, that sometimes tastes like oak.

    When smoked or vaped, Gelato 33 possesses an even better taste, through the smooth smoke. Usually, this is through the smoke that is burned and rolls around the mouth. Expect a sweet and earthy undertone aroma, with hues of berry and orange sherbet popping in and out.

    Though Gelato 33 is a slightly indica cannabis, it does not leave a person feeling tired, which is the main reason it is loved. Quick effects instantly alter a person’s mental, and physical state. It is classified by many as a heavy hitter.

    When inhaled, it creeps into the head, leaving a high that is dominant, cerebral, and somewhat focused, yet at the same time soothing and calming.

    Gelato cannabis puts you in a good mood, without distracting you from being productive. You will have just enough focus, but from a slightly different perspective. This comes in handy, especially if you are working on something creative or challenging.


    1 Oz (28g), 14g, 4 Oz, 8 Oz (1/2 Pound)


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